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Top 10 reasons why DeltaPCB


1.Why not?


Sending information for an RFQ is a painless process. In most cases, we will send the quote in a few hours.


2.We're still here!


In these difficult times, many PCB manufacturers have been unable to stay profitable enough to remain in business. With our business strategy and resource reserves, we'll be around for years to come. No need to pay for tooling again or re-qualify another shop in six months.


3.One Place Shopping.


We provide rigid, flex and metal core boards. We provide these in small, medium and high volume.


4.Competitive pricing.


Based on our business strategy, we are confident that we can beat our competitions price, quality and delivery. We also have offshore manufacturing capability to remain competitive on high volume production orders.


5.More competition for your current suppliers.


Even if you choose not to place all your orders with us, having another supplier will force better pricing from your current suppliers.


6.Great quality.


We are dedicated to TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by understanding our customers needs and exceeding their expectations.


7.On-time delivery.


We understand how crucial it is for our customers to receive their orders on-time.


8.Great customer service.


Whether it's confirming an order status, amending orders or making design changes, Delta will accommodate your request in most efficient and effective way possible.




We are located just outside of Chicago and ten minutes from O'Hare International Airport. If a quick-turn prototype needs to be put on a plane, no problem. If a customer wants to visit us, it's just a short drive after the flight to get to our facility.


10.We know our stuff.


Our Quality, Sales and Engineering staff has an average of 15 years experience in servicing the PCB industry.


Delta Precision Circuits - your for printed circuit boards and a great buying experience!

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