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Services - Delta Precision Circuit Inc.

The philosophy at Delta Precision Circuits Inc. is based around QUALITY and SERVICE. Delta has embarked upon a journey into the highly competitive industry of printed circuit board manufacturing with these concepts at the cornerstone of the company's strategic plan.


"When we promise, we perform!"


Quality is no longer a mysterious ingredient in some products and not in others; it is a prerequisite for a successful manufacturing company. Simply put, it is conformance to the customers' requirements. This concept although simplistic, is critical and is an exacting science. It provides our customer with a product that consistently performs to their specific intentions. It also provides a more cost effective product by not having to pass the costs of multiple inspections and scrap to the customer. In today's ever changing environment there is no place for a manufacturing cycle or an inventory system that creates long lead times in a customer service driven market. Consequently, Delta, by streamlining office and production processes and corresponding inventory levels to the demand of customer requirements, can meet most any delivery schedule while keeping costs to a minimum. In addition, through its diverse engineering and production staff, delta can respond to change efficiently and effectively.


Additional Benefits:

  • Good Price
  • Great Quality
  • Fast Response
  • Great technical support
  • Affordable Prototype
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